To create a team and invite colleagues to Ciara, login to your Ciara account and click on the grey "Settings" icon in your Ciara skills section.

You will be directed to your profile overview where you need to click on

  • "Create team" if you don't yet created a team and do so.
  •  "Members", if you already have a team.

Once you clicked on "Members", you will be directed to an overview with all your team members and pending invites (if existing). Click on the blue "Invite Members" button on the top right. Fill in the email address(es) of the team member(s) you wish to invite. Please only enter one email address per line (50 max).

Congratulations, you now know how to invite colleagues! 


Please reach out to if you have any troubles creating a team and / or inviting your colleagues to Ciara.

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