How to install the Ciara x Salesforce integration.

Part 1 - Create a Ciara Button in Salesforce.

  1. In your Salesforce account, go to "Setup" and click "Object Manager."

  2. Select "Contact" / "Leads" / "Opportunities" / "Account" (depending on where you want to integrate the Ciara button and save your call notes) from the list in the left menu bar

  3. In the left menu bar, click "Buttons, Links, and Actions."

  4. Select the "New button or link" button on the top right.

  5. Fill in "Label" and "Name."

  6. Select Display Type "Detail Page Button."

  7. Select Behavior "Display in new window."

  8. Select Content Source "URL."

  9. Add the Ciara/Salesforce Integration Link to the text field. 

(Please copy/paste the link by highlighting it from left to right - otherwise, symbols in the link will change and the set up won't work)

When connecting with "Contacts."{!Contact.Id}-{!$Organization.Id}&firstname={!Contact.FirstName}&lastname={!Contact.LastName}&user_id={!$User.Id}

When connecting with "Leads."{!Lead.Id}-{!Organization.Id}&name={!Lead.FirstName}%20{!Lead.LastName}&user_id={!User.Id}

When connecting with "Opportunities."{!Opportunity.Id}&org_id={!$Organization.Id}&user_id={!$User.Id}&name={!Opportunity.Name}

When connecting with "Accounts."{!Account.Id}&org_id={!$Organization.Id}&user_id={!$User.Id}&name={!Account.Name}

Part 2 - Setup Page Layout

  1. In the left menu bar, click "Page Layouts."

  2. Select Contact Layout "Mobile & Lightning Actions"

  3. Select the "Start Ciara" Button and move it to the yellow "Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions" box via drag & drop

  4. Save 

That's it! Now you're ready to go and can start calls with Ciara directly from your Salesforce account and push your notes into the CRM.

Part 3 - Install the Salesforce Skill in the Ciara App via the Skill Store

Log in to your Ciara account and go to the settings by clicking on the ⚙️-icon in the Ciara navigation bar. Select "Integrations".

Scroll down and go to the Ciara Skill Store by clicking o the orange "Discover more integrations" box.

Ciara - Discover more integrations

Select the "Salesforce" box in the CRM category and click on the blue "Install skill" button.

Ciara Skill Store - Install Salesforce

Part 4 - Configure the Salesforce Skill

To be able to work with the Ciara x Salesforce integration, you need to configure it first. The configuration consists of two steps. To start with it, access the Salesforce skill settings by going back to the integrations area in your Ciara settings. In the CRM section, there is now a Salesforce-box.

To finish the set-up of the salesforce skill, click on the blue "Connect" button. 

If you want to be able to update Salesforce fields within Ciara, you have to activate the relevant fields first. To do so, in the Salesforce box in your integration settings, click on the blue "Manage" button. 

Ciara integrations - Manage Salesforce

You can now select which objects one can edit during a call by clicking on the blue "+" sign (only visible when hovering over an object). This only has to be done once for the whole team.

How to use the Ciara x Salesforce integration.

The Ciara x Salesforce integration allows you to auto-log your calls and notes from Ciara in Salesforce and update your Salesforce fields directly in Ciara. To do so, you need to start your calls with Ciara from within Salesforce.

Go to your Salesforce Contact/Lead/Opportunity/Account (depending for which object you installed the integration) and select a record in detail view.

Click on the "Start Ciara" button.

You will now be forwarded to Ciara. All notes or highlights you take in this call as well as your meeting summary will now be auto-synced to Salesforce. You can also now access the activated Salesforce fields via the Search bar by clicking on the orange 🔍-icon in the bottom right corner or pressing "/".


Please reach out to if you have any trouble connecting Ciara with your Salesforce account.

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