Log in to your Ciara account, click on the ⚡️-icon on the top right of your screen and select "Objections" in the dropdown menu.

You will be directed to a page showing your different objection libraries. 

  • Team Objections Library - team objections responses can be seen and used by your entire team.
  • User Objections Library - user objections are your individual objection responses. They can only be seen and used by you. 

Click on the Objection Library where you want to add or edit objections. 

Now you can begin editing the contents of your Objection Library.

  • Edit/delete a section - Hover over the relevant section in the outline on the left and click on the pen if you want to re-name the section or click the trash can if you want to delete the entire section (note: this will also delete all objections in this section).
  • Add a section - Click on "+ New Category" in the outline on the left, name your section, and hit enter or click on the green checkmark to save.
  • Edit/delete an objection - Hover over the relevant objection and click on the pen if you want to edit the objection, or click the trash can if you want to delete the objection (note: this will only delete the specific objection, not the whole section).
  • Add an objection - Click on the blue "+" icon in the relevant section to add an objection. You can also use the six dots at the top left corner of the objection box to drag and drop the objection to another section. 

Congratulations! You now know how to create your battle cards. 


Please reach out to help@getciara.com if you have any trouble with customizing your objections.

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