Please note that Ciara Voice is a premium feature. It's only available for Ciara Pro customers. If you're on our free plan and want to learn more about our upgrade options, please reach out to us via

In this article, we will cover:

How to install Ciara Voice.

1. Log in to your Ciara account, click on the ⚙️-icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen and select "Integrations."

2. Move on to the Ciara Skill Store by clicking on the orange "Discover more integrations"-box.


Ciara Integrations - Discover more integrations

3. In the VoIP section, select Ciara Voice.

Ciara Skill Store - VoIP

4. To configure Ciara Voice, either click on the blue "Configure now" button or go to the "Ciara Voice" box in your Ciara settings' integrations area.

5. Next, select the "Validate phone number" button and enter your phone number. Please have the phone you want to connect with Ciara ready.

6. You will now receive an automated call asking you to enter the 6-digit activation code now showing up on your screen. Please enter this code and hang up.

7. The Ciara Voice skill is now successfully installed.

How to make calls with Ciara Voice.

Making calls with Ciara is as easy as pie! As always, open your template. You will now see a green phone icon above the meeting title. Click the icon, and a Ciara Voice block will show up in your template. 

Now, enter the phone number and hit "Start Call." 

Calls made with Ciara Voice can be transcribed and recorded.* To do so, you need to get permission from your prospect/customer. After starting the call, a purple consent box will pop-up. Only if you hit "Consent received," the transcription and recording will start. If you click "No Consent," the call will not be transcribed or recorded.

You can access the full transcript and recording after the call via the "View transcript" button in the meeting summary.

*Transcription is only available for calls in German or English. Please note that you have to inform your customers that you're recording and transcribing the conversation.


Please reach out to if you have any trouble.

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