To create a customized playbook, log in to your Ciara account, and click on the yellow "Templates" icon in the Ciara skills section.

You will then be directed to a page of you current templates where you also have the option to create new ones. Press the "Create Template" button on the top right to get started.

Fill in the blanks with a name and description for your template. You can also choose who you want to be able to see your template - either your whole team or just yourself. Then press "ok" to continue.

Now you can create the content for your customized template.

Every template has two dimensions:

  1. Sections: Sections are small "chapters" of your template, e.g. "Introduction", "Next Steps".
  2. Content Blocks: Each content block is one part in a specific section. A section can have as many content blocks as you like. This could be a talking point, an objection, or a CRM field.
  • Talking Point: A talking point could be a set of important qualification questions, a pitch of your solution, or some general guidance, e.g., on how to prepare for a call. You will see the talking point title in the outline in the left column when in a call. The text box will only show up during the call when you select the specific talking point and should contain more detailed input for your conversation.
  • Objection: An Objection is similar to a talking point with the difference that it usually is not a must in a conversation, but rather an answer/reaction to a specific question that could come up during a call. You don't have to add objections to your template but can also pull them up from the Ciara Hotbar in the call if needed. Learn how to create customized objections & responses here.
  • CRM fields: If you're a Salesforce user and have successfully installed the Ciara x Salesforce integration, you can also add important Salesforce fields to your templates. This way you'll never forget to update your CRM. 

You can edit and create new sections in the left menu bar. To add more content blocks, just click on the blue "+". You now can choose the content block type. To re-order your content blocks, click on the dots left of the box. Then, simply drag and drop it to the desired location. 

Once you're done adding Sections and Content you can go back to the Dashboard or Template Overview (by clicking the arrow or icon on the top left). Your template will be saved automatically. You can always go back and edit your template! 


Please reach out to if you have any troubles creating a customized template.

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