Ciara comes with 4 core functionalities:

  • Deal Maps

  • Battle Cards

  • Real-time Conversation Guidance.

  • Conversation Insights

Each contributes to your sales success in a unique way.

How can each functionality increase sales success?

Deal Maps.

Deal maps are a digital voice-powered visualization of your sales process. They show you the different stages and essential steps of your process.

Battle Cards.

Battle cards include answers to common objections and critical customer questions. They can be pulled up in calls to instantly squash objections and move the deal forward.

Real-time Conversation Guidance.

Ciara understands the context of your meetings and guides your conversation by recommending topics you still need to discuss to move the deal forward. This way, you always have goal-driven customer meetings and never miss covering important topics.

Conversation Insights.

For every meeting with the Ciara assistant, you will receive a detailed conversation insights page. This includes a recording and transcript of the meeting, an automated meeting summary, your notes, and key conversion metrics.

The meeting insights help you to prepare for follow-up meetings, identify potential blockers and relevant next steps, and are a valuable resource to develop your skills and make every meeting better than your last.

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