Ciara is a digital sales assistant helping you stay on top of your deals and have goal-driven sales meetings, using real-time insights from your customer conversations.

What can I do with Ciara?

If you're selling your product or service virtually having video meetings with your prospects, you can use Ciara to:

  • Stay on top of your deals: Always know the status-quo of your deals, identify risks, and best next steps with Ciara's intelligent deal maps.

  • Have goal-driven sales meetings: Let Ciara guide your customer meetings by detecting the context of your conversations and recommend relevant talking points to move the deal forward.

  • Coach and train your sales team: Get detailed conversation insights for every meeting, including a transcript and recording, and relevant call metrics to identify areas for improvement and provide relevant coaching.

Who uses Ciara?

  • Sales Development Representatives who want to qualify their leads better and provide smooth handoffs to their Account Executives.

  • Account Executives who want to always stay on top of their deals, reduce unnecessary follow-ups, and close their deals faster.

  • Sales Leaders who want to get higher visibility into their pipeline.

  • Sales Coaches and Trainers who want to support their team in real-time and provide more targeted coaching.

What sets Ciara apart?

Ciara vs. General Conversation Intelligence Tools.

Unlike general conversation intelligence tools, Ciara not just records and analyzes your conversations but uses those insights to guide you live in your meetings and automate the meeting documentation in an actionable way.

Ciara vs. General Video Conferencing Solutions.

Ciara was developed especially for the needs of inside sales professionals. It is not just another meeting platform. Ciara enables you to have goal-driven sales conversations - giving you exactly the information you need right when you need it and automatically capturing all customer insights so that you can close more deals faster.

Ciara vs. CRM Systems.

CRM systems are focused on quantitatively tracking activities. Ciara, however, detects the context of your customer meetings and tracks your deal progress qualitatively. Helping you identify potential blockers and next steps and continually improve your sales process.

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